11 die, 400 houses collapse amid rains amid rains in Balochistan province . 11

11 die, 400 houses collapse amid rains amid rains in Balochistan province . 11

Four straight days of heavy rain take their toll on Panjgur Kharan and Washuk districts . Torrential rains and raging floodwaters broke a dam in Basima area of Washuk district which badly affected a vast area destroyed human settlement and rendered a large number of families homeless .

Met officials said that more rains were expected in different parts of Balochistan next week . National Highway Authority officials claimed on Monday that QuettaSibi Highway had been opened for heavy traffic after a causeway built on the Bolan river was strengthened .

They said that efforts were under way to restore traffic between Balochistani and Punjab through BarkhanDera Ghazi Khan Highway . The traffic on the highway has remained suspended for the last couple of days due to landslides at Fort Monroe area . At least houses were swept away in flash floods while were partially damaged and were partly damaged and are unfit for accommodation the officials said.

At least more rains are expected to be expected in the region next week. Met officials say that more rain were expected to continue to hit the area next month. More rains are also expected to hit different areas of the province next week, according to officials from the Met officials from Pakistan.

The Met officials have said that More rain is expected to come in the next few days. More rain was predicted to continue in the area. More rainfall is predicted to hit parts of the region’s capital, Lahore, Peshawar and Peshawar, Peshawawawai, Peshwar and Peshawai.

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