America’s South Asian diaspora gets a taste of T20 extrav

America’s South Asian diaspora gets a taste of T20 extrav

Cricket in the land of baseball and that too at two lesser known venues could give sceptics the reason to doubt if the twin experiments would work . The heart pounding cricket encounters that displayed the determination of players to the electrifying music that resonated with the rhythm of the crowd Grand Prairie Stadium and Church Street Park turned crickets American dream into reality .

The love for cricket among South Asians runs deep and transcends boundaries encompassing national pride communal celebration and a sense of identity that unites millions under one captivating bat and ball symphony . MLC is first of its kind T franchise marquee event in the country featuring six teams and numerous international stars including Rashid Khan Andre Russell Faf du Plessis .

The league is founded by Vijay Srinivasan and Sameer Mehta cofounders of Willow TV the largest broadcaster of cricket in North America . The idea behind creating a cricket league was also to bring the game closer to fans who never had the opportunity to watch their favorite stars here and to bring them closer to their home country .

The response in both cities so far has been amazing and the response so far but the response has been overwhelming so far was amazing and fans have come out in huge numbers of people who had never come out to watch the game. The response to the response was amazing.

We have only managed to bring out huge numbers. We are really excited to bring it here and the number of fans. We want to bring back some of the people who have never had it back to our home. The game. It is amazing and we are very excited. It has been an amazing.

The number of people have come back. We need to come back to your home. It means everything to our cricket.


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