385 Pakistanis freed from traffickers’ warehouse in Libya . They were held in a

385 Pakistanis freed from traffickers’ warehouse in Libya . They were held in a

At least Pakistani migrants freed in law enforcement raid near coastal city of Tobruk in northeastern Libya . At least children among the freed some less than years old . Majority of those recovered have been sent by authorities to a facility in Qunfudhah near Benghazi while remain in army custody .

There was no official word from Libyan or Pakistani governments it is expected that these migrants will be deported . In videos and pictures posted to AlAbreens Facebook page a large group of people ostensibly in the hundreds can be seen sitting on the ground as people who look like volunteers and aid workers distribute food and drink .

The captions indicate that the migrants had not eaten for three days and lacked access to basic necessities . The migrants were not allowed access to food and had not slept for several days. The migrants are expected to be deported to the city of Benghazi, according to AlAbbreens.

The majority of the rescued migrants have not eaten to their own Facebook page. The photos were posted to alAbreen. It is believed to have been saved by people who looked like volunteer and aid experts. The group said they had not been given enough food to eat for a period of about three days.

There were also reports that some of the migrants were suffering from scabies and that they had been suffering from malnutrition in their stomachs and were not given adequate medical care. The rescued migrants were saved by a medical staff. They have been rescued by a local hospital in a hospital in the hospital in an emergency hospital.

They had been saved in a medical hospital in their own hospital. The hospital in hospital. It has been described as a medical emergency. It was a hospital with an emergency. The medical staff had been operating in an operating emergency.


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