Inflation clocks in at 28.3pc in July on costly energy costs . In

Inflation clocks in at 28.3pc in July on costly energy costs . In

Consumer Price Index CPI inflation increased by .pc on a monthonmonth basis . The July inflation was fuelled by a .pc increase in electricity charges while gas prices saw a surge of .pc and wheat flour . The International Monetary Fund has forecast the average CPI for FY to be .

pc . The government has projected an annual inflation target of pc for the current fiscal year . Inflation has been rising since mid after the PMLNled government took harsh measures as demanded by the IMF to unlock stalled funding . The poultry industry is facing a crisis due to high import costs and restrictions on soybean imports .

High fuel prices have increased production and transportation costs making food more expensive. The costly fertiliser has also made it difficult for farmers to afford essential inputs. The government is increasing the interest rate to the highest level in the countrys history.

The interest rate has increased the interest rates to the . highest level of pc in the history of the country’s history . The highest interest rate in the past two decades. Although international prices for agriculturerelated commodities began decreasing in the third quarter, currency depreciation and high fuel prices are preventing this from being reflected in domestic markets .

The international commodity price outlook is favourable and may help offset the negative impact of currency depreciation according to the finance ministry. The International commodity price Outlook is favourable. Although International prices for Agriculturerelated commodities begin decreasing, the international prices began decreasing.

The international prices are decreasing. Although. for agriculture. commodities began to be decreasing. and high rail. began to decrease in the last quarter of the .underestimated and high .undundundated. in the fourth quarter of last year. The domestic prices for agriculturalrelated commodities have prevented this.

undundered by the international .


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