At least 30 killed, several injured as train derails near Nawabshah near

At least 30 killed, several injured as train derails near Nawabshah near

The Hazara Express derailed near the Sarhari Railway Station near Nawabshah on Sunday afternoon . Railways and Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said the train was travelling at a reasonable speed . The train was headed to Rawalpindi from Karachi and around passengers were travelling in the Hazara express .

The driver of the train said he was driving the train at a speed of this will have to be counterchecked . The minister said he had requested the provincial government to prepare a list of those who lost their lives . Rescue personnel the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Railways staff reached the site of the accident soon after the incident and began relief activities .

The incident comes a day after the Allama Iqbal Express escaped a major disaster when two of its bogies derailed near Padidan railway station in the wee hours of Saturday . Accidents and derailments occur frequently on Pakistans antiquated railway system which has nearly kilometres of track and carries more than million passengers a year.

Accidents occurred injuries occurrence occurring in the past month . The Pakistani Army and Railways are now on its way to begin relief operations and a relief operation . The Pakistan Army is said to have launched a relief operations at the site.

The incident is also a grim reminder of a collision between two trains near Daharki in Sindh in June which resulted in a collision of at least . The accident is also . In June. Accident is also to be a reminder of the incident. The Allama. The accident was also a tragic reminder of an accident.

The train is also an accident . The tragedy is also. The tragedy occurred. The Pakistan Railway and Rail Railways. Railways .


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