Pakistan decides to send cricket team to India for 50-over World Cup . Pakistan decides

Pakistan decides to send cricket team to India for 50-over World Cup . Pakistan decides

Pakistan has decided to send its cricket team to India for the over World Cup which is slated to take place in October and November this year . Pakistan has consistently maintained that sports should not be mixed with politics . The decision follows weeks of doubts about Pakistans participation in the World Cup as the government delayed approving the teams visit to India citing security concerns .

Pakistan believes that the state of bilateral relations with India should not stand in the way of fulfilling its international sportsrelated obligations . The FO said in its statement that Pakistan authorities continued to have deep concerns about the security of the countrys cricket team in India.

We are conveying these concerns to the International Cricket Council ICC and the Indian authorities. We expect that full safety and security of Pakistan cricket team will be ensured during its visit toIndia the statement read . Pakistan will now be playing in India for first time in seven years.

The decision shows its constructive and responsible approach visavis Indias intransigent attitude as the latter had refused to send it to Pakistan for the Asia Cup in September on the basis of a truce was eventually called after Pakistan agreed to host the Asia cup in September 2013 to host a hybrid model of the tournament in September .

The Pakistan Cricket Board said that it would still need government clearance for any tour to India including the match venues. The Pakistan cricket board said that they would be seeking a guarantee for the teams security would be sought from the ICC.

The International Cricket Board had said in a statement. The Pakistani cricket board had said it would be concerned that it had said that the ICC to be concerned about the ICC . The International cricket board. The ICC had said they would not be willing to provide a similar model.

The Asia Cup. Pakistan would not provide an adequate security.


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