At least 44 killed, over 100 injured in ‘suicide’ blast at

At least 44 killed, over 100 injured in ‘suicide’ blast at

Blast occurred at a Jamiat Ulema IslamFazl JUIF workers convention in Khyber Pakhtunkhwas KP Bajaur district on Sunday . Explosion occurred when more than JUif members and supporters gathered under a tent in the town of Khar near the border with Afghanistan .

Police say kilograms of explosives were used in the blast . Investigation is underway and culprits will soon be arrested the provincial police chief promised . No one has claimed responsibility for the blast so far . PM Shehbaz Sharif condemns the attack and vows to take strict action against the elements involved in the attack .

He also appealed to JUFIF workers to donate blood donations to hospitals immediately and provide blood donations and blood donations for the injured . The blast site has been cordoned off. The blast happened in Khar tehsil of the Bajau district of Peshawar and Bajur district of Bajoor district of the Khar district of Khoor district and the Khoor region.

The Khoor District Emergency Officer Saad Khan told that the bomber detonating himself in close proximity to the stage he added that it was a suicide attack with the bomber detonated himself at close to the front of the stage. The air was filled with the smell of human flesh.

A local journalist was among those injured. A witness said a local journalist is among the victims. The explosion occurred at the back of the head of the blast. The incident. The Jooroor’s father and his wife was killed. The attack’. The bomber was killed in the back.

The death. The victim’S wife.


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