At least 5 killed in Hindu-Muslim clashes in India’s Haryana

At least 5 killed in Hindu-Muslim clashes in India’s Haryana

Violence erupted when a Hindu religious procession passed through the Muslimdominated Nuh region . Two of the dead were members of the home guard a voluntary force that helps police control civil disturbances . Violence spilled over into neighbouring Gurugram where a mosque was torched around midnight killing one person and injuring another .

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in a post on messaging platform X formerly known as Twitter also condemned the incident in Nuh where curfew orders have been imposed and the internet shut off . The guilty will not be spared at any cost strictest action will be taken against them he said .

Prohibitory orders had already been issued for the district after some cars were set on fire on Monday evening and schools and colleges had been directed to remain closed on Tuesday . The attackers who torched the mosque have been identified and several of them have been rounded up Gurgaon Police said in a statement on Tuesday morning .

The attackers who torkered the mosque had been identified. The attackers are believed to have been identified and several are now being rounded up by Haryaryana Police. The culprits are being hunted down in Gurugrams, police said in their statement, adding that security around places of worship had also been tightened.

The internet has been shut off from the area. The police have also imposed a curfew and the Internet has been removed from the region. The incident occurred in Haryas. The district has been described as ‘undefined’. The state’s state” as a ‘unacceptable’ and “undecapable” for the incident’ve been removed.


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