Aurat March Lahore representatives alarmed at new ‘draconian laws’

Aurat March Lahore representatives alarmed at new ‘draconian laws’

The Aurat March Lahore representatives are alarmed at the restrictive laws passed by the Pakistan Democratic Movement PDM government . They point out that one of the laws that have stirred significant apprehension is the Pakistan Army Amendment Act which grants the Act extended powers encompassing unauthorised disclosure electronic crimes and defamation for anyone subject to the Act .

The move has fueled anxiety about the civilians facing trials in the military courts who are being tried under the Army Act effectively silencing dissent and opposition voices . The Cabinet has given the green signal to two bills the ESafety Bill and the Personal Data Protection Bill which aim at tightening the governments grip on data and social media .

They fear that the timing of these laws points to the upcoming elections not being conducted in a free and fair manner . The organisation urges the current government to reconsider its actions and show moral integrity. They urge the government to reconsidered its action and show its own moral integrity and show support for the country’s democratic principles .

The Aurats March Lahores urge all citizens to unite and voice their concerns about these draconian laws to unite with each other and call on all citizens and civil society to voice their concern about these laws. The organisation urge the current Government to reconsider their actions and to show their support for their actions.

They call upon all citizens for their safety and protection of privacy and security of citizens to join together and to raise their concerns. For more information, please contact the Aurat Mayors and the Auratsand and their support. The Aurasandand the Aurasundundundan and their assistance.

The Pakistani Government, please click here. For information, visit www.http://http://www.jamesand.


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