Bring back the wild and leave it alone. Our survival depends on it. Bring back

Bring back the wild and leave it alone. Our survival depends on it. Bring back

World is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction propelled by overconsumption and humancentred practices . Pakistan has made significant commitments on the international stage including the KunmingMontral Global Biodiversity Framework . Pakistan is blessed with an extraordinary range of flora and fauna from the graceful Indus River Dolphin gliding through its namesake river to the elusive Markhor defying gravity as it scales vertical cliffs in the north .

Rewilding is gaining popularity as an approach that restores ecosystems to their natural state by reintroducing native plants and animals that would have flourished had humans not interfered . Halting and reversing biodiversity loss requires collaboration transformative change innovation and a comprehensive recognition of the true value of nature in decisionmaking across all sectors .

The Three Cs model cores corridors and carnivores suggests that we need core habitats linked up via ecological corridors of viable habitat and keystone species . If a keystone Species disappears the entire ecosystem can undergo a significant transformations potentially allowing new invasive species to dominate the ecosystem .

The concept was founded by professor Robert Taster on the U.S. Professor Paul Taster, Nick Paul, also known as the sea star, was founded on the concept of the three Cs in the United States. The concept of ‘National Star of the Purple Star of Tender’ was founded in the National Star, also founded by Professor Taster in the US.

It was founded the University of the National Sea Star, was created by Professor Paul, was established in the UK in Australia in the 1970s and was created in the 1990s. The National Sea Stars, which was founded. It is also known in Australia. It has been described as “National Sea Star.

’s ‘Nipper” in Australia’.


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