KE consumers to be slapped with another Rs1.52 per unit surcharge . KE

KE consumers to be slapped with another Rs1.52 per unit surcharge . KE

The federal government has decided to impose a Rs. per unit surcharge on all electricity consumers of KElectric to mop up about Rs billion in additional revenue during the current fiscal year . The surcharge has been necessitated because of over months between July and September of stay orders secured by the KE against its MultiYear Tariff MYT approved by the regulator in July .

The new surcharge would apply to all consumers irrespective of any consumption limit or consumer category and sector . Nepra has called a public hearing on Aug to rubberstamp the request . The irony of the matter is that many new consumers who may not have lived in the countrys largest port city three years ago would have to bear the burden of some other consumers of the said period who may have moved out by now .

In one of the ECC meetings some members had reportedly raised this issue but had had to surrender to meet subsidy targets committed to the International Monetary Fund IMF but had to comply with the International Economic Council of the IMF but may have had to give up on the issue but may not be able to do so again due to meet their subsidy targets to meet to meet the IMF .

However the irony of this issue is that some new consumers may have to burden some others who may now have moved away by now. The irony is that they may have just moved out of the eCC meetings . The ECC had to meet this issue . The government had to be forced to comply to meet IMF.


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