CJP ‘one of the impediments’ to Nawaz’s

CJP ‘one of the impediments’ to Nawaz’s

PMLN leader Khurram Dastgir Khan has acknowledged the conduct of Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial is one of the impediments in the return of party supremo Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan . The conduct of Justice Bandial has remained questionable he said adding the bias of CJP Bandial was not tacit anymore but there is a clear pattern in front of us .

He said the Constitution gives a timeline of to days to hold elections and he believed polls will be held within days at max in the first days of November . He added that at least three years and strong political will was needed to fix these issues .

The power sector has been plagued with several issues including massive line losses and electricity theft in these areas . The biggest flaws in the power transmission system exist in areas where the writ of the state was weak he said while citing the districts bordering Afghanistan and rural areas of Sindh as examples.

There are massive line loses and electricity thefts in those areas as examples of these areas as well as massive power theft in some areas . Mr DastGir is also the federal power minister is also said to be a double challenge of governance and power structure in the areas and both needed to be solved simultaneously he added.

He said he believed the elections will be conducted within days in the early next month. He believed polls would be held in the mid-October. He believes the elections were held within the first week of November. The elections will take place in the last month.

The election will be in the late September.


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