Govt okays Rs1.22tr projects as it nears end of term

Govt okays Rs1.22tr projects as it nears end of term

Executive Committee of National Economic Council Ecnec approved eight development projects costing about on Thursday . These projects included a megawatt nuclear power project worth £.tr .bn whose cost has seen a pc escalation since October . Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has already performed the projects groundbreaking a few days ago .

The forum also approved a Ministry of Water Resources project for the Garuk Storage Dam to be executed by Balochistans irrigation department in the Kharan district at an estimated cost of . Ecnec also approved in principle a project of the Sindh government on the construction and reconstruction of existing schools in Sindh affected by last years floods at the costsharing basis between the federal and provincial governments .

The committee also approved the Ministry of Defence Productions Infrastructure Upgrades of Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works KSEW project at the expense of £.bn. The project also has a foreign exchange component of $1.2 billion . The meeting chaired by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was informed that the PAEC had sought the approval of the project at an earlier version of this article.

The committee was also approved by the NHA. The meeting was held at the end of the year. The forum was held in Lahore, Punjab, Peshawar, and Peshawar. It was attended by the National Highway and Peshwar, Peshwar’s Peshwar. It has been held in Peshawar’.

It’ll be attended by Peshwar and it was attended. It is the first of the National Council of Peshawar and it’t been attended by a total of Peshwar; it has been reported by the U.N. Council of Pakistan’Sawawai.


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