Death toll from Bajaur blast rises to 54; FIR registered against unidentified culprits

Death toll from Bajaur blast rises to 54; FIR registered against unidentified culprits

The death toll from the suicide bombing at a Jamiat UlemaiIslamFazl JUIF gathering in Khyber Pakhtunkhwas Bajaur district rose to on Monday as the Counter Terrorism Department CTD registered a first information report of the attack . The militant Islamic State Khorasan Province ISKP has claimed responsibility for the attack in Khar a town bordering Afghanistan .

Hundreds of party workers along with local leaders were present at the J UIF convention when the explosion ripped through it . According to the CTD official the convention began at pm and the blast occurred at four past ten . We have collected ball bearings from the site of the blast he said adding that the suspects have been almost tracked down in the initial action taken so far adding that a forensic report pertaining to the incident was awaited .

Meanwhile traders in Bajau have announced a shutterdown strike across the district . The incident occurred in Bjaur . The law and law and order situation in Pakistan has worsened with terrorist groups executing attacks with near impunity across the past few months .

Since the talks with the TTP broke down in November the militant group has intensified its attacks on Baloch in Baloch and areas bordering Afghanistan Insurgents have intensified their attacks on the region . The TTP have also intensified their violent attacks in recent months and stepped up their attacks in the area .

In January a suicide bomber blew himself up in a mosque in Peshawar and killed more than a number of policemen and killed himself in a raid on the Peshawar . In Peshawar. In January A suicide bomber killed a policeman in a Peshawar in Peshwar in the city of Peshawar Police.

In Peshwar, the T.


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