Nordic governments seek to de-escalate tension as more Holy Qurans desecrated

Nordic governments seek to de-escalate tension as more Holy Qurans desecrated

Denmark and Sweden have seen several protests in recent weeks where copies of the Holy Quran have been burned or otherwise damaged prompting outrage in Muslim countries . The Nordic countries have deplored the burnings but cannot prevent them under constitutional laws protecting freedom of speech .

However both governments have now said they are considering legal changes that would allow authorities to prevent further burnings in special situations . The Danish government said on Sunday it would seek to find a legal tool that could enable authorities to intervene in such protests if deemed to entail significant negative consequences for Denmark not least with regard to security .

Swedish police have previously stressed they only grant permits for people to hold public gatherings and not for the activities conducted during the events . The OIC on Monday met to address the desecrations and voiced disappointment that no measures have been taken on Sweden and Denmarks response to this regard so far the OIC called for no measures in this regard .

Swedish Foreign Minister Hissein Brahim Taha expressed his disappointment with the Nordic governments to prevent Quran desecration and said he was disappointed that no such measures had been taken in regard to these measures so far . The Swedish government said it is examining a similar solution but rightwing parties in both countries have denounced the initiatives with some saying freedom of expression cannot be compromised .

In Denmark antiMuslim protesters burned the holy book and said it was ‘unfortunate to continue to refuse to comply with international law and this leads to a lack of respect for the international law. The Danish Government has refused to agree with the Swedish government.

It has said it has refused. It is very clear that the Swedish Government. The Swedish Government has made such decisions to continue. It would not continue to provide such decisions.


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