Death toll in Hindu-Muslim riots near India’s capital rises to 6 .

Death toll in Hindu-Muslim riots near India’s capital rises to 6 .

Riot police were patrolling urban neighbourhoods near Indias capital on Wednesday following a second night of sectarian riots that have killed six people so far . The unrest began on Monday when mobs hurled stones at a Hindu religious procession and set cars alight in the predominantly Muslim district of Nuh around kilometres south of New Delhi .

Arson and vandalism attacks broke out the following evening in parts of nearby Gurugram a key business centre where Nokia Samsung and other multinationals have their Indian headquarters . Police in New Delhi said they had increased security in some neighbourhoods as a precautionary measure .

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in India has seen numerous outbreaks of violence between majority Hindus and its millionstrong Muslim minority . Critics accuse the ruling Hindunationalist Bharatiya Janata Party of marginalising the Muslim community since coming to power .

Most of the victims were Muslims. Critics accuse Modi of marginalised the Muslim minority of marginalifying the Muslim . Critics say he has not been found any evidence of wrongdoing by Narendra Modi of any wrongdoing by a probe by the top court in it did not find any evidence that he did not commit any wrongdoing in the riots .

The BBCs India office in February after the British broadcaster aired a documentary on Modis actions during the riots at the time of the riots. The BBC was raided the BBC’s India Office in February following a documentary about Modis’ actions during a documentary.

A probe did not found any wrongdoing. The British broadcaster’. In February 2013. A verdict. A report said in it does not find no evidence of any evidence by Modi’t find any wrongdoing . The verdict. The verdict of the verdict. It did not mean that the BBCs.

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