PM puts damper on ‘timely polls’ with census proclamation proclamation proclamation

PM puts damper on ‘timely polls’ with census proclamation proclamation proclamation

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb confirms plans for early NA dissolution . PM Shehbaz says elections will be held as per digital census conducted earlier this year . PPP is miffed at the idea of holding elections on the new census while MQMP has been demanding polls as per the fresh count .

ECP has already expressed its inability to hold general polls on the basis of the latest census results . Sources in the PPP told Dawn that the PMs remarks have worried party leaders who have been vocal in their demands for timely elections this year.

They said that the party would definitely take up the issue with prime minister soon. Elections will be delayed if the issue of holding polls under new census is raised at this stage Mr Kundi said. Earlier in a press conference Minister for Information and Broadcasting said the prime minister had already announced his intention to leave the government before the end of the current assemblies term.

She said the reins of the government will be handed over to a caretaker setup which will be announced after consultation with the coalition partners. The PPP will not accept elections under the fresh census will not be held under the count. The ECP will carry out a fresh delimitation of constituencies based on the updated population count.

After the results are approved by the government the ECP would carry out the fresh demarcation of constituencies. The new census. The results will be reviewed. After they are approved. It will be a fresh demarration. The election will be. would be. to be.

for the new Census. will. be. in the . results. will not. be a new count. It would not be. The. government will. not be delayed.


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