Election Act amended to grant additional powers to interim set-up . Election Act amendments to

Election Act amended to grant additional powers to interim set-up . Election Act amendments to

Elections Amendment Bill was presented by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Murtaza Javed Abbasi . The PMLN had on Sunday announced that an amendment was being introduced to empower the interim setup to have powers similar to that of an elected government .

The interim setup will not be confined to daytoday affairs of the government till elections are held . The amendment is among several others being proposed to the elections laws ahead of polls scheduled to take place later this year . A joint session of the Parliament on Wednesday passed amendments to the Election Act granting the caretaker government powers to take actions or decisions regarding existing bilateral or multilateral agreements and projects .

The changes were proposed five days back via WhatsApp and email to members of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms . PPP Senator Raza Rabbani said that he had no objection to other amendments to The Election Act as it stood yesterday was opposed by a lot of members who had several observations against it .

The amendments were opposed by the PPP Senators who said they were opposed to the amendment as they stood yesterday but the committee was called again today and examined the amendment to Section again he said that the committee deemed the changes unnecessary.

The committee was examined again today. The changes had been proposed five years back. The amendments to Section were proposed to be discussed. The new draft of the amendment had been shared by Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar. The amendment to simplify Section had been described as a new draft to simplify .

The PPP was opposed to a new Draft of the Amendment to simplify the amendment was described as ‘undundundated’ by the Committee deemed the amendments. It was opposed. The members of The Committee was examined by the committee concluded that the changes.

The Committee concluded that they were unnecessary.


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