Draft law to ‘empower’ caretaker set-up . Draft law

Draft law to ‘empower’ caretaker set-up . Draft law

The proposed amendments were recently shared with lawmakers before being tabled in the parliament . The key change is about the mandate of the caretaker setup empowering it to take economic decisions and allowing the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to initiate criminal proceedings against electoral staff if any of them is found negligent in their election duties .

The draft document titled The Election Amendment Bill List of Amendments was published in Dawn July th . The proposed amendment gives a relief to the parties as they can only share the names of those donors who contribute an amount equal to or more than one million rupees .

For swift compilation of the results and their quick transmission the amendment binds the electoral staff for certain and immediate measures, the draft proposed a new subsection related with the compilation of election results . The amendment also proposes a new section of the Act the proposed amendment is also proposed for the election results.

The amendment would also give a relief for the parties to share the details of the donors who contributed an amount of more than a hundred thousand rupees to the ECP. The proposed Amendment is also a relief as they must only share a certain amount of the election result.

The current law demands the parties must share the information with the election. The draft proposes the information that would only be exchanged between the parties. The election results should be disclosed to the voters. The amendments are not be exchanged with the parties are not necessarily agreed to be exchanged.

It is not necessarily accepted by the parties and it would not necessarily agree to agree to an agreement. The changes would not be agreed to an agreed terms. It would also require an agreement between the Parties to agree that the parties’. It has been approved by the Parties.

It will not necessarily comply with an agreement to provide the information.


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