Former SBCA DG, ex-mukhtiar arrested in Nasla Tower

Former SBCA DG, ex-mukhtiar arrested in Nasla Tower

Manzoor Qadir alias Kaka and an exmukhtiarkar Khair Muhammad Dahri were arrested in Karachi on Monday . They are among several others booked for the illegal construction of Nasla Tower . The storey commercialcumresidential building on Karachis Sharea Faisal was demolished on the directives of the Supreme Court for having been built in violation of laws .

The judge directed the prosecution to submit copies of documentary evidence before the next hearing when charges would be framed against them . Earlier this month an anticorruption court had granted prearrest bail to Qadirs and Dahri on July and respectively .

They appeared before the court today for the confirmation of their bail but judge Muhammad Ahsan Khan Durrani dismissed their bail pleas and directed anticorrupt police to arrest them . They were later remanded in judicial custody. The judge said it was clear from the record that several nonbailable warrants had been issued for Qadiri and Dahrri were issued for several other co-accused were issued and they were eventually declared proclaimed offenders.

No of them had come forward or initiated the investigating officer about their said inability to join the investigation he observed. He expressed dissatisfaction with the medical documentary evidence submitted by their lawyers and said they had presented it was presented to avoid investigation.

He said he was unhappy with the evidence submitted to avoid the investigation and said it wasn’t sufficient to be investigated. He added that they had not come forward to the investigating officers. He stated that they hadn’t come forward and said that they were not satisfied with the facts that they didn’ve failed to cooperate with the investigation.


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