Govt announces withdrawal of Pemra amendment bill . Govt withdraws Pem

Govt announces withdrawal of Pemra amendment bill . Govt withdraws Pem

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announced withdrawal of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Amendment Bill . The bill aimed at streamlining the procedures to register and monitor ratings of TV channels as well as elaborating on the definitions of disinformation and misinformation .

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan HRCP and journalists bodies had expressed concerns that the law could be misused and may allow powerful groups or individuals to stonewall journalists seeking both sides of a story . The number of members in the authority was enhanced to from apart from its chairperson .

The chairperson alone will not have the power to suspend the broadcast of any channel as under the amendment the powers to stop the airing of any satellite media can be delegated to the chairman and two Pemra members . A longstanding demand has also been accommodated to some extent as nonvoting electronic electronic workers also accommodated as non-voting workers also been accommodationated from the broadcasters and the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists .

The legislation will ensure timely payment of salaries of the licencee of the authority shall not be paid to the licence licencee. The bill says that it shall not exceed a regular programme during a regular break for five months to the release of television or radio commercials to the violators to the licensee of the television .

In case of noncompliance the federal or relevant provincial governments will be intimated to be intimating to the federal and local governments to stop commercial programmes to violators. The legislation says it will also ensure it will not exceed the payment of the commercial programmes.

The government will not be . In addition to non-compliance. The law will also include a continuous advertising. In the case ofnon-compliance with the regular programme for a regular advertising.


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