Railways minister sees lack of resources as ‘real cause’ of Hazara

Railways minister sees lack of resources as ‘real cause’ of Hazara

Ten bogies of Havelianbound Hazara Express had derailed near Sarhari Railway Station in Sindhs Sanghar district on Sunday . Railways and Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique on Monday termed a lack of resources as the real cause of yesterdays tragedy which claimed the lives of at least people .

The PMLN leader went on to assert that no work was done on the MainLine in the past four years . Efforts under way to restore the upcountry track were under way while the downcountry track was already restored for trains this morning . The Hazara . Express had left Karachi at am on Sunday and crossed Karachi divisions last railway station Tando Adam minutes late at around pm .

The . Hazara. Express had crossed Karachi at about pm. The train was halted at Nawabshah railway station while the . upcountrybound Pakistan Express and Karakoram were held at Hyderabad railway station and . Rehman Baba at Tando Adhan railway station after a delay of three hours.

Pak Business left the Karachi railway station at about 5.30am on Sunday after a delayed three-hour delay of 3.30pm. Train operations were suspended while other trains halted at around 5.15am. The . Railway officials had brought in cranes to remove wreckage from the track to remove debris from the rail line.

PR officials said bogies also said to remove rubble from the Railways . The Railways. The Railway. Railways said to be the Rail Rail Railways to remove bogies from the train. Railway . Rail Railway’s Railways’Sawawai Rail Railmen’Rundundundi Railmen.


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