Govt sees fiscal deficit narrowing in FY24 . Govt says fiscal deficit will be

Govt sees fiscal deficit narrowing in FY24 . Govt says fiscal deficit will be

The fiscal deficit is expected to narrow in the fiscal year from the previous years . The report attributed the reason largely due to a pc reduction in nonmarkup spending . The government also said the current account deficit would remain within a sustainable limit .

The IMF deal helped avert a neardefault by Pakistan on its foreign debt due to an acute balance of payment crisis . Annual inflation had declined to .pc in June down from .pc recorded in May, the report said . annual inflation declined to annual inflation in June, down from May, according to the report .

Pakistan is gearing towards achieving higher growth of .pc due to various measures such as the agriculture package industrial support export promotion . of the IT sector and resource mobilisation etc. To achieve higher and sustainable economic growth it will require prudent and effective economic decisions and continuation of friendly economic policies along with enough foreign exchange financing the report reads.

The report reads . The deal helped avoid a nearefault on its fiscal deficit in June. The IMF agreement helped avert the crisis by agreeing to an IMF deal with Pakistan’s finance minister Ishaq Dar said earlier this month. The government had earlier estimated the fiscal deficit at its annual budget presented in June which could further improve after new taxation of Rs billion ahead of the IMF deal.

The amount of new taxation could further improved after new taxes of $2,000. The new taxation was announced by Ishaquaiq Dar. The deal was agreed by the Finance Minister Ishaqaq Dar . The new taxes were announced by the finance minister said. The country’.

The Pakistani government’ – The IMF’ ‘inflability of $ billion.


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