Body of missing Indian woman found in GB’s Kharmang district: official

Body of missing Indian woman found in GB’s Kharmang district: official

The body of a yearold woman who had gone missing in the Indiancontrolled area of Kargil was found in GilgitBaltistans Kharmang district on Wednesday . The woman identified as Belqees Banoo was five feet tall and clad in green clothes along with a red sweater .

The body could be returned to India after the womans identity was confirmed through DNA testing . The funeral prayer of the woman had been offered and the burial was performed according to Islamic rituals . Earlier a pamphlet featuring the woman was circulated by the Indian police station from the Indian side .

The pamphlet was also sent to the GB administration for the recovery of the body . It added that she went missing from her home in Akchamal on July 13, 2013 . Baltistan Awami Action Committee Chairman Najaf Ali in a statement said that due to the closure of the old SkarduKargil road people in the region faced severe difficulties in such situations.

He called for the reestablishment of the reestablishing historical routes to facilitate locals in both countries in the Baltistan AWami Action Commisionary Districts of the region to facilitate local people in both nations in the area . He called on the re-establishment of historical routes for the Re-Establishing historical Routines to facilitate people in and out of the area to be re-establishment of historical Routings to facilitate Locals in both regions of the Routines of the route to facilitate the region of the Baltistists.

He said for the region. To help people in an easier access to the region’s regional regions. To read more information, CLICK HERE for more information. For more information please visit www.bundundundukar.


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