Imran being kept in distressing conditions, morale high: lawyer says . Imran Khan being

Imran being kept in distressing conditions, morale high: lawyer says . Imran Khan being

Imran Khans lawyer Naeem Haider Panjotha claimed on Monday that the PTI chief who is currently incarcerated in Attock Jail was being kept in distressing conditions and provided CClass jail facilities . The expremier was given BClass facilities by the Punjab prisons department .

However his lawyers and the party claimed on Sunday they were not allowed by the jail administration to meet Imran . The meeting lasted an hour and minutes . On Aug an Islamabad trial court had declared Imran guilty of corrupt practices in a case pertaining to concealing details of state gifts and sentenced him to three years in prison .

The lawyer alleged that Imran was also not provided facilities of television or newspaper . He said there was an open washroom without any doors or walls and rainwater entered his cell last night but despite all this his morale is very high . Imran also said that he will never accept slavery.

The lawyer said he was not allowed to meet or talk to anyone over the phone. The former premier had been detained at the jail when the warrant issued by the trial court was intended for him to be kept in a dirty cell with an annexed bathroom . The IHC petition said that Imran had been confined to a dirty room with an annexe .

The plea said that the former premier was a dirty bathroom with an Annexe . It stated that it is yet to be ascertained for him . The petition also stated that the jail was adirty cell was a . dirty cell which has been a dirty space with an annexation of a dirty floor.

The petition said to be a dirty wall. It said that it was a filthy cell. It was a cold cell with a dirty window. It further said thatImImran had been a cold floor.


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