Indian government faces no-confidence vote over Manipur ethnic clashes . Indian government facing no

Indian government faces no-confidence vote over Manipur ethnic clashes . Indian government facing no

Opposition wants to trigger a debate about violence in the remote BJPruled Manipur state . More than people have been killed and displaced since it began in early May . Modi had not commented in public about the violence until last week when videos showing two women being paraded naked and molested by a mob in Manipur sparked national outrage .

The ethnic tensions in the small state of . million people are seen as a rare security and political failure by Modis government which will face a national election by May . Further incidents of arson and the destruction of some abandoned houses government offices and vehicles by armed mobs were reported from at least two districts of Manipur on Wednesday a local police official said asking not to be named .

The violence began on May after a court ordered the state government to consider extending special economic benefits and quotas in government jobs and education to the tribal Kuki people to the majority Meitei population as well as the majority of the .

majority Meiti population in the state to the local government to the state . The government has offered a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah saying internal security is his ministrys responsibility for the violence . The home minister has said internal security has been his .

responsibility. The government says internal . security is . his ministry’s responsibility. Modi has offered an apology for the . statement to the home minister saying internal Security is his Ministrys responsibility. Shashi Tharoor said the government has issued a statement for the Home Minister.

The statement. He has said he has offered the statement. The home Minister said he said that the government. He said that internal security was his statement. It has said that it is his statement . The state has said it was his ministry’s responsibility .


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