India’s top court suspends Rahul Gandhi’s defamation conviction . India’

India’s top court suspends Rahul Gandhi’s defamation conviction . India’

Gandhi was sentenced to two years imprisonment in March in a case that critics have said showed threats to the rule of law in the world’s largest democracy . He was turfed out of the legislature as a result but has stayed out of jail while appealing the case up to the supreme court in New Delhi .

A justice there said that the initial trial judge had failed to justify imposing the maximum sentence on Gandhi for his comments made during a campaign rally four years ago . The conviction stemmed from a remark made during the election campaign when Gandhi had asked why all thieves have Modi as their common surname .

Anyone sentenced to a custodial term of two years or more is ineligible to sit in Indias parliament forcing Gandhis expulsion from the body in March . The case one of several lodged against Gandhi in recent years had until Friday only been heard by courts in Gujarat Modis home state .

In February tax inspectors raided the local offices of the BBC in the state of Guhindindia . The verdict is said to have come under growing pressure from the local authorities of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis and the British media have also come under increasing pressure from legal action against the Modi government during its nine years in power .

Legal action has also been widely deployed against opposition figures and institutions seen as critical of the Modi Government during its 9-year in power during its previous nine years. In February police officers raided the UK and British newspapers.

In March tax inspectors were raided by the British. The British National Institute of Agriculture Research & Food and Agricultural Research Research & Agricultural Research & Agriculture Research and Food Research & Development (Bhindial Research and Agriculture Research Research and Development (A&A.


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