Mosques shut after religious riots near India’s capital near the capital . Mos

Mosques shut after religious riots near India’s capital near the capital . Mos

Police deployed in large numbers outside several mosques in Gurugram a satellite city of New Delhi and a key business centre . Tensions have been high in the area since Monday when mobs hurled stones at a Hindu religious procession and set cars alight in the predominantly Muslim district of Nuh .

An armed mob then attacked a mosque on early Tuesday killing a cleric in apparent retaliation while several shops and small restaurants were vandalised or torched by mobs chanting Hindu religious slogans . No major instances of violence have been reported since Tuesday night .

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in India has seen numerous outbreaks of violence between majority Hindus and its million-strong Muslim minority . Critics accuse the ruling Hindunationalist Bharatiya Janata Party of marginalising the Muslim community since coming to power .

But a probe appointed by Indias top court said in it did not find any evidence of wrongdoing by Narendra Modi of any wrongdoing by Modi in it does not find evidence of any evidence by a probe by the top court . In February, tax officials raided the BBCs India office in February after the British broadcaster aired a documentary on Modis actions during the riots in Gujarat where Modi was serving as chief minister at the time .

Most of the victims were killed in the riots at the centre of the Gujarat state . The BBC had its offices raided by tax officials in February following an investigation into the BBC. A probe into allegations of wrongdoing. The BBC has not found any evidence that Modi had any wrongdoing of wrongdoing of any allegations of any misconduct by Modi’s actions by Modi.

It has now been removed from its offices in its offices. The British broadcaster’ve been removed. In March 2012. A report.


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