Islamabad court grants pre-arrest bail to suspect in maid torture case till Aug 7

Islamabad court grants pre-arrest bail to suspect in maid torture case till Aug 7

A district and sessions court in Islamabad granted prearrest bail to a woman the wife of a civil judge in a case pertaining to the alleged torture of an underage domestic help in the capital . Somia Asim the suspect was booked after she was accused of severely torturing a teenage maid who was moved to the Lahore General Hospital in critical condition on July .

Lahore High Court had granted protective bail to the judges wife till August . Islamabad police said the court had directed the suspect to join the investigation into the case . Punjab caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi updated Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on the teenager’s condition .

The case was registered at the Humak police station in response to the complaint from the girls father a labourer by profession . According to the FIR he sent his daughter to the house of the judge at Zartaj Housing Society through an acquaint against Rs per month salary .

Her ribs were also found broken and injuries were found on her back and bruises were found around her neck and her ribs were . Marks of strangulation were also discovered around her back . The girl had laceration on her neck was also found around the back and her teeth were also broken and swilling on both lips and eyes .

The girls mother suspected that Rizwana had been administered poison by her employers during domestic violence in Islamabad. Punjab Caretaker Chief minister Mohsin Nqvi apprised the premier about the incident. Punjab caretailing the PM on the girl. The girl’s stomach.

She said the girl had a severe infection in her stomach. Her tooth was also said to have been broken. She has been diagnosed with an illness.


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