Govt hikes petrol, diesel prices by nearly Rs20 . Govt. hikes petrol

Govt hikes petrol, diesel prices by nearly Rs20 . Govt. hikes petrol

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Tuesday announced a massive hike of Rs in petrol and diesel prices taking them to Rs. and . per litre respectively . He said that the price of high speed diesel HSD and petrol in the international market had increased over the last days .

Dar said the prices were increased based on the final recommendation given by Ogra and with the premiers approval . A .pc increase was announced in the producer price of liquefied petroleum gas LPG as well as a .pc raise in the LPG consumer sale price for August .

A top official said the government was finding it difficult to announce a major price increase just before it leaves office . Dar remained engaged for hours with the Ogra chairman his team and petroleum division officials to find ways to avoid jacking up prices or at least a way to minimise the increase .

The new prices would be effective immediately. He went on to say diesel prices were slashes by Rs. The new producer price was increased by Rs .per cylinder of LPG to be increased by £. and the consumer price is Rs. per cylinder of .kg . The LPG price is increased by a .

per domestic cylinder of a domestic .kg. The government was found to be higher than that of the previous PTI government . The government is finding itdifficult to announce an increase. A top officer said the previous government had reneged on its previous government.

A senior official said a senior officer said. The official said it was not an official said that it was an ‘undundundated’.


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