Islamabad police, not Lahore, were ordered to arrest Imran Imran Khan . Islamabad police

Islamabad police, not Lahore, were ordered to arrest Imran Imran Khan . Islamabad police

Pakistan TehreekiInsaf PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan was taken to Attock jail . However he was neither arrested by the capital police nor detained at Adiala jail . Sources in Punjab police said an order was given to them to arrest Mr Khan shortly after the verdict in connection with the Toshakhana case .

Instead to taking him to a staterun hospital for medical examination before shifting him to prison as ordered by the court he was transported to prison and handed over to the prisons superintendent . Imran Khan assured that he would not be manhandled nor would anyone misbehave with him the sources said adding that he was then taken away from his house in the vehicle of a senior officer .

The team which had arrested Imran Khan handed him over to DIG Operations and SSP Operations Lahore and the two officers then moved with him in a motorcade towards Islamabad via the motorway they said. SSP Malik Jamil Zafar then took him to Attakim Khan then took them to Attok jail and handed him to prisons superintendent, sources said .

He was taken over to prison after a medical examination and then taken him to the prison as expected by the prison superintendent, they said . The prison superintendent then took Mr Khan to prison, they added. He was then transported to a prison in the prison, according to the authorities.

He had been taken to prison for medical examinations, the sources added. Imran Khan had been handed over by the police. He has not been arrested. He is currently in prison. He said he has been suspended. It has been reported that he had not been apprehended by the jail.

He’s father and father-of-three. He will not be convicted.


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