Pakistan tells India it’s time to take on India and Pakistan . Pakistan has a history

Pakistan tells India it’s time to take on India and Pakistan . Pakistan has a history

There should be some resonance of reciprocity from New Delhi as well said Pakistans US ambassador and a former president of Azad Kashmir while addressing a meeting in Washington . Pakistan released a set of documents authored by human rights groups and media activists showing the situation in the Indianoccupied territory .

India however has rejected Pakistan’s offer saying that Islamabad needs to create an environment for peace before the talks resume . Ambassador Khan reiterated the talks offer at a meeting called to mark Aug as the day of usurpation . On Aug the US also backed efforts to resume IndiaPakistan talks on the Kashmir issue .

The UK’s Shadow Minister for Legal Aid Afzal Khan said Labour MPs had urged the government not to abdicate its historical responsibility and to play its part in promoting sustainable peace and prosperity in the region . The Kashmiris should continue their peaceful struggle for freedom, according to the UK’s Foreign Secretary George W.

Osborne said in a statement. The UK’s Foreign Office has urged the Government not to ‘abdicating its historic responsibility’ for the Kashmiri people to “abdicate their historical responsibility” to play a role in promoting ‘peace and prosperity’ in the area.

The British government. It has been criticised for ‘negotiating its role in a way of avoiding the region’. It is alleged that Kashmiris have been ‘totally unacceptable’ and that it has been accused of ‘unacceptable.’ that the Kashmiris and that the Indian government’t.


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