Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan demand arrest of Usman Buz

Jahangir Tareen, Aleem Khan demand arrest of Usman Buz

Jahangir Khan Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan have formed a new organisation IstehkamiPakistan Party . The duo said that Imran Khan was reaping what he had sown adding that arrogance is an act most despised by Allah Almighty . Aleem said that he and Mr Tarean had revealed the facts about the wrongdoings by the PTI leadership but those who must speak their mind were sitting abroad .

He said that the conviction of Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case is the first drop and people would see more cases of corruption surfacing and being proved in courts in the coming days . The presser was held to announce the joining of the new party by Talib Nakai Ayaz Nakai and others from Kasur district .

There is no harm if the polls are delayed for a few days because of it. It is good that the census had been held after years and during this time more people would have become eligible to vote for their favorite candidate and province. There are no harm to the election being delayed for the census, he said.

The census had already been held in years and more people will get a chance to vote in each constituency and province to be eligible to become eligible for a chance, he told the presser to be delayed for more people to vote. It was good that they too would get the chance to choose their favorite Candidate and party.

There was no harm. There is No harm if it was the census. There would be a chance. It would be no harm for the election. It’s no harm, he added. There were no harm . The census has been the census was held after the census’. It has been held. It had been .


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