Kim Kim oversees North Korea military parade showcasing new drones, ICBMs . Kim oversees

Kim Kim oversees North Korea military parade showcasing new drones, ICBMs . Kim oversees

Kim Jong Un oversaw a North Korean military parade featuring new drones and Pyongyangs nuclearcapable intercontinental ballistic missiles state media reported on Friday . The event featuring Kims firstknown foreign guests since the start of the Covid pandemic was to mark the th anniversary of the Korean War armistice which ended open hostilities and is celebrated as Victory Day .

The parade featured an array of new weaponry including some first unveiled at a defence expo on Wednesday in Pyongyang visited by Kim and Shoigu . The inclusion of foreign guests at this years celebrations is a postpandemic first and hints at new flexibility towards enforcing border controls .

North Korea has imposed a rigid Covid blockade since early preventing even its own nationals from entering the country . It only resumed some trade with China last year and allowed new Beijing envoy Wang Yajun to take up his position this year . UN member states should increase vigilance for observing and penalising sanctions violations.

North Korea is also sending America a signal that Pyongyang is militarily ready to cope with strategic threats from its enemies he said. Kim has been steadfast in his support for Moscows invasion of Ukraine including Washington says supplying rockets and missiles a charge Pyongyang has denied .

Washington says supply of rockets and missile a charge . Pyongyang has been accused of supplying rockets or missiles a claim that Pyongyang has supplied rockets and. It only reopened some trade to the country last year. It has only resumed its own citizens.

It is also allowed to take away its own own nationals . It has not been able to take down its own foreign goods. It also has not allowed to use its own domestic goods. The inclusion to its own national security. It had not responded to any of its own internal trade.


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