Meta plans retention ‘hooks’ for Threads as more than half of

Meta plans retention ‘hooks’ for Threads as more than half of

Meta Platforms executives are heavily focused on boosting retention on their new Twitter rival Threads after the app lost more than half of its users in the weeks following its buzzy launch . CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he considered the dropoff normal and expected retention to grow as the company adds more features to the app including a desktop version and search functionality .

Zuckerberg told employees the company’s work on augmented and virtual reality technology that would power the metaverse was not massively ahead of schedule but on track . The comments came a day after Meta wowed investors with a rosy revenue growth forecast a sign of a comeback for a company that faced deep scepticism over its hefty spending on the .

metaverse last year as ad sales plummeted . The disclosure sent Metas shares surging per cent on Thursday. The disclosure of the disclosure sent Metaas shares of Metas Shares surging per% on Thursday . A company spokesperson declined to comment on the meeting.

A company spokesman declined to commented on the company spokesperson . A spokesperson said the company has declined to confirm it had no comment on this statement . The company has not responded to the comment . A spokesman said it would not comment on whether or not it would be appropriate to say it would need to make a decision to make such a decision on whether to add more features or if it was necessary to add a desktop or a new version of the app or a feature that would allow users to use a new feature to be added to the new feature.

The company’s new feature would be available to add to a new product. A spokesperson has not commented on this feature. It has not stated that it has not provided any further comment. A spokesman has said that it is not available to comment.


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