Maid tortured by judge’s wife shifted to ICU in ICU . Maid

Maid tortured by judge’s wife shifted to ICU in ICU . Maid

Lahore General Hospital management forms member board to treat the teen. The condition of Rizwana got serious due to malnutrition and the complications of her wounds in her brain and on the face. The girl was shifted to the LGH on Monday in the domestic violence matter when her employers a civil judge in Islamabad and his wife were accused of torturing her.

During medical examination the doctors found her arm fractured and a deep cut on her back. She was also undergoing psychological trauma due to the distressing events. The doctors also noted that she seemed to be a neglected child as she had not been fed properly during the last few months.

The final decision will be based on the report of the medical board. Headed by Prof Jodat Saleem the board shall determine the injuries and hit points of the girl in addition to medical examination. Other members of the board included Prof Tayyaba Gul Malik, Prof Syed Muhammad Khalid, Prof Nudrat Sohail, Prof Shahzad Hussain Shah, Dr Ghiasul Hassan, Dr Sadia Siddiqui, Dr Jaffer Hussain Dr Nadia and Muhammad Naeem.

He said the CT scan of the patient performed at the hospital detected no serious neurorelated disease. However the medics suspected of some cancerrelated disease but it would be premature to say as the treating doctors were waiting for tests results.

It was reported that the girl was referred from DHQ Rehbar Hospital Sargodha on July and brought to the emergency department around pm while the doctors immediately provided her with medical assistance to improve her condition. The hospital has hired services of a psychologist and a nutritionist for the girl.

It is not known if the girl will be able to make a full recovery.


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