Neckties are a ‘sign of the cross’, says Taliban official .

Neckties are a ‘sign of the cross’, says Taliban official .

Mohammad Hashim Shaheed Wror head of the Invitation and Guidance Directorate said the symbolism of the tie is obvious in Islam . Taliban authorities have not imposed any dress rules on men since taking over in August . Afghan Taliban officials almost all dress the same shalwar kameez a waistcoat and turban .

Casual Western clothes became less common after the Taliban takeover but some professionals still don a collar and tie . Women must cover up with a hijab when out in public but must wear a hijab to avoid being seen by the Taliban when they go to public events, Wror said in a speech broadcast by Tolo TV on Tolo television .

It is ordered in Sharia that you should break it and eliminate it, he said in an interview with Tolo Television on Wednesday .. CLICK HERE for all the latest updates from the Taliban take-out of the Afghanistan Taliban updates from our live updates from iReport-in-daily updates on our live blog from the Afghanistan iReport.

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