Power tariff hike to stop economic wheel, warn business leaders . Power tariff hikes to stop

Power tariff hike to stop economic wheel, warn business leaders . Power tariff hikes to stop

Trade and industry leaders warn fresh hike of Rs. per kWh will bring industrial and export activities to a standstill . Say govt must check theft and promote renewables than burdening masses . Urges government to prioritise renewable energy projects to reduce dependency on conventional electricity sources .

Rise in electricity prices would lead to severe repercussions for industrialists service sectors and small to medium enterprises as their incomes have not kept pace with the escalating electricity tariff . Government must focus on ceasing the provision of free electricity gas and petrol to privileged classes, says KATI President FarazurRehman .

United Business Group President Zubair Tufail said the power tariff rise would impact the purchasing power of consumers leading to a decline in export and investments and potentially resulting in the closure of industries especially small and mediumsized units .

The increase in power rate could lead to an increase in corruption and theft besides pushing many people below the poverty line he warned . The rise in power rates could also lead to the increase in corrupt and theft, he warned. The government should stop providing free electricity to the privileged classes with free gas and electricity gas to the rich and poor .

The government must stop providing cheap electricity gas, he added. The Government should focus on stopping the provision for the privileged and poor, he said. He said the government should also focus on reducing the provision to stop providing the free electricity for the wealthy and poor.

The increase to the poor and low-income. The rise to low-cost electricity. The hike could also mean that it would also mean the increase of low-paying. The price of gas and other low-paid. It would also be a reduction in the supply of high-demand electricity.


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