Pakistan urges Kabul for action against use of Afghan soil by militants by militants . Pakistan urges

Pakistan urges Kabul for action against use of Afghan soil by militants by militants . Pakistan urges

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met citizens injured in a blast in Bajaur on Sunday . He expressed concern over the involvement of Afghan citizens in suicide blasts and the liberty of action available to elements hostile to Pakistan in planning and executing such cowardly attacks on innocent civilians from the sanctuaries across the border .

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called on Taliban authorities in Kabul to take action against militant elements using the Afghan soil . The writ of the state will be established at all costs and the government will not take steps to appease militant or terrorist outfits he asserted .

The foreign minister also highlighted that an increase was scene in terror incidents since the Taliban administration came to power in Kabul in . He said the latest arms and ammunition left behind by the foreign forces had fallen into the hands of terrorist outfits and criminal organisations which pose a challenge to the government .

Pakistan is ready to assist Afghanistan as it had the capacity to deal with such threats. But he added We have faced these threats in the past and will face them together again. The latest arm of the foreign armed forces have been focused on the banned TTP in Afghanistan, he said .

The recent surge in terror attacks has been focused in Pakistan has been aimed at the Taliban administrations since the Afghan government came to political power in the country . The Taliban administration . The latest Arms and Ammunition left behind to the foreign .

forces have fallen . into the hand of the terrorist organisations have become a challenge. The Latest arms and . respectively. have fallen to the terrorist outfits have fallen into . the government. The recent arms and equipment left behind in Pakistan.

The most recent arm of The Foreign Forces have fallen. into the terrorist groups. The .


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