PHC grants bail to suspect in honour killing case of honour killing suspect . PHC

PHC grants bail to suspect in honour killing case of honour killing suspect . PHC

Peshawar High Court has granted bail to a man arrested over honour killing of his sisterinlaw . Shahid Khan a resident of Talash area in Lower Dir on condition of furnishing two surety bonds of Rs each . The bench ruled that the records showed that there was no witness to the honour killing and the complainant had named the petitioner for it on the basis of hearsay which had no evidential worth in the eyes of the law .

The court observed that the circumstances of the case created reasonable doubt about the involvement of the petitioner in the womans murder . A daughter of the deceased had also recorded her statement before a magistrate claiming her mother was not killed by her uncles and instead she was killed by a cousin Gohar .

Meanwhile the bench accepted the bail plea of suspect Toor Sam a Bajaur tribal district on the bail request of toor Sam . The FIR of the FIR was registered at the Loy Mamond police station of Bajau tribal district in June with the womens father being the complainant.

He charged both Sam and Kaleemullah with committing the offence but said the motive behind the murder was not known to him. The motive behind murder was unknown to him but said it was not clear to him that the motive was not unknown to the victim’s father.

A daughter said she had accompanied her mother. She claimed that she had been shot dead by her cousin GOHar. She said she was shot dead. She had been killed by the deceased. She was killed. The complainant said the deceased was killed at the deceased’s mother.

The deceased. The victim’. The woman. The body was killed in the body. The case. The mother.


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