Swat school burned down in Swat, Pakistan, on Friday . Probe demanded as

Swat school burned down in Swat, Pakistan, on Friday . Probe demanded as

Fire destroyed Government High School Topsin in Khwazakhela tehsil here on Friday morning . School guard Imran Khan said fire started due to a short circuit in UPS batteries in offices and destroyed records furniture computers and other goods . No one hurt as campus closed due to summer vacation as students and staff members were away .

Residents said there was a high likelihood of UPS batteries being out of charge due to prolonged power suspension . Deputy district education officer Fazal Khaliq said he formed an initial inquiry and formed a team to assess damage . Residents demanded an immediate investigation to ascertain the cause of fire and warned that if authorities did not meet the demand they would stage street protests .

They said the school had both boy and girl students catering to the population of around five villages . The fire gutted around nine rooms along with veranda and offices. Mazhar Azad told Dawn that the fire gutting around 9 rooms and other supplies of the fire.

He said it was the responsibility of the communication and works department to assessed damage. Deputy District Education Officer Fazar Khaliqi said he visited the school shortly after learning about the fire’s cause of it. It is the responsibility for assessing damage.

They said it is the duty of the communications and works Department to assess the damage. It was the duty to assess damages. It said it’ll be the responsibility to assess. It’m the responsibility. I conducted anInitial inquiry. The school’. The district Education Officer.

It has an initial. It. said it. to assess an initial assessment. I’ve been an early inquiry. I. was the . education officer. I have an initial examination. I am an initial .


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