PM Shehbaz says ready to talk to ‘neighbour’

PM Shehbaz says ready to talk to ‘neighbour’

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said Pakistan was ready to hold talks with India on serious issues as wars were not an option anymore . Pakistan had fought three wars in the last years which resulted in more poverty and a lack of resources . Pakistan also expressed the desire to have friendly relations with the United States in his todays address .

Army chief invites investors to explore the hidden reserves of Pakistan and utilise the country’s potential potential mining opportunities . General General General Asim Munir also said there were vast mining opportunities in Pakistan which could be realised through joint efforts to ensure the country was investorfriendly .

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia always stood together through thick and thin and supported each other at every forum, he said . He concluded his speech by saying that it is our social responsibility to play our role in unison for the country’s economic prosperity .

He also vowed to instate an investorfriendly system to avoid unnecessary delay and avoid unnecessary delays and to ensure easy terms and to avoid undue delay. He said it had laid down new rules for ease of doing business for domestic and foreign investors in the country as well as foreign investors as the key to success.

He concluded by saying it had a responsibility to help Pakistan and to play a role for the nation’s social role in the economy for the economy. It is our responsibility for the social responsibility. It was our responsibility. We are our responsibility to the nation.

It had a role in our role for our role. We have a responsibility for our responsibility, he concluded his speeches. We want to play the role. It has been our social. We had the responsibility to be our role to help the nation’. We’ve got the responsibility.


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