PTI emerges victorious in by-poll for Mathra tehsil council chairman .

PTI emerges victorious in by-poll for Mathra tehsil council chairman .

Pakistan TehreekiInsaf Inamullah won the byelections for the slot of chairman of Mathra tehsil council in Peshawar . Independent candidate Uzer Khan was leading followed by PTI candidate Iftikhar Khan Jadoon . In Havelian tehsill council in Abbottabad an independent candidate was ahead of his rivals in the bypolls .

Low turnout was attributed to hot weather security threats and less interest of voters in local bodies system . The polling process concluded smoothly and peacefully amid tight security arrangements . A total of polling stations were established for polling in Mathra Tehsil out of which were for male for female and were combined .

In Mathra the turnout was very low and except few polling stations no queue of voters was seen in the polling stations . The byelect elections were held on holiday. However people seemed to have lost their interest in the local body system. The candidates could not mobilise voters as residents of the area said that they did not see any significant role of the members of the local councils.

The major political parties including PTI JUIF ANP and JI had established camps which were decorated with the party flags banners and posters of their leaders. The main contest was held between Uzer. Atif Munsif Khan and PTI. Khan was the first cousin of former mayor late Atif Musif.

Khan and his wife Atif . Atif. Munsiffar Khan and her daughter Atif’Siffer Khan’s daughter Atifa. She was her daughter was her husband. She is the daughter. She said. She had been the mother. She has been the father.


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