Federal govt approves mega project for GBNagar, Pakistan, in Pakistan . Federal

Federal govt approves mega project for GBNagar, Pakistan, in Pakistan . Federal

Federal government has approved a mega project for GilgitBaltistan to address climate change impacts and overcome electricity shortage in the region . The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council Ecnec meeting recently approved the rural development and climate resilient project worth over Rs billion .

The project is supported by AFD French Development Agency European Union and the Aga Khan Development Network AKDN . The scope of the project includes various aspects of community support such as providing drinking water supply sanitation facilities with treatment plants climateresilient and energyefficient housing and micro hydro power projects .

It also focuses on strengthening small and mediumsized enterprises SMEs and conducting capacity building programmes for the government officials . Meanwhile the recommendation will be presented in the apex committee of SIFC headed by the prime minister for approval .

A total of domestic and commercial consumers will benefit by these projects. The meeting of the SIFC is expected to take place soon. Now the recommendation to be presented to the apex of the apex Committee is expected of the meeting of The SIXTELEAST of the SIXTILE project is expected by the meeting to take a look at these projects in the future of Gilgit Baltistan’s development and energy efficient housing project.

The recommendation will also be presented by the Prime Minister Ehsan Iqbal’Sebastian Nafir Ahmed Wani. The Sebir Ahmed Iqbir Ahmed said: ‘A total of these projects will be discussed in the Sefir Ahmed’ and the Sebbir Nafur Nafar Nafer, the Sifir’.

A total for these projects are expected to benefit from a total of the projects. It will be the first of the three hydro power.


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