PTI leader evades arrest as Dera police raid his house in Dera .

PTI leader evades arrest as Dera police raid his house in Dera .

Sardar Ali Amin Khan Gandapur evaded arrest during a raid by the cantonment police on his house . He was wanted by the police for threatening caretaker Chief Minister Azam Khan through a letter a police official said on Friday . The official however claimed the police recovered trucks loaded with flood and coronavirus relief goods along with slingshots and sticks from the house .

The PTI leaders family insisted that the police took away their valuables . However the police rejected the assertion saying they seized flood and Covid relief items which belonged to the government and were released by the administration for the poor people .

Meanwhile PTI leader Gandapurs father formally sought action against the DPO DSP and SHO over the illegal raid . He demanded strict action from the police officials. The applicant claimed that the Police had no authority to enter his house and breach familys privacy.

The application filed with the head of the Cantonment Police Station has not been heard of the raid. He insisted that they took away five expensive cars and other devices including three mobile phones of servants along with licensed weapons accessories and PTI flags from the PTI.

The applications were filed by his father retired Major Aminullah Khan Gandapeur . The application was filed against the police. The applicants have not been identified as a member of the DSP DSP or SHO. The father of Mr Gandapeurs. Mr Gandapauur’s wife has not yet been identified.

He has not identified as an individual. He said he has been identified by his wife. He claimed that he has not received any of his wife’ve not been found. He had not been injured in any connection with any of the alleged criminal.


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