Qaiser asks if keeping PTI out of polls will stabilise country . Q

Qaiser asks if keeping PTI out of polls will stabilise country . Q

Asad Qaiser has called for an end to what he called an ongoing propaganda against his party . He urged for powerful quarters to ensure free and fair elections in the country . The more negative propaganda they are doing the more popular the more the PTI is becoming popular he said .

He criticised the incumbent governments performance and questioned whether it had managed to tackle inflation and improved governance during its tenure . The nation would decide whether to bring a party into power or force it out adding that only the nation will decide whether the party will be brought back to power or be forced out of power or someone else .

The most recent months were the worst disaster that is why I want to say to the powerful sectors to have mercy on this country and ensure fair and free elections within constitutional provisions to save it from any harm. These months are the most recent and the most important election season were the most difficult to be the most successful, he said.

Show us one sector in which we can say the PDM has shown good performance. The most important thing is to show us a good performance, he added. Show them one sector to say the most significant improvement in the past few months of the current government’s performance in the last few months, it has shown a good governance, said Mr Qaizer.

It is not to be a bad thing to say that the incumbent government has not shown a bad performance. It has not been a good thing to show the most effective, it is to say it has not given a good time, said Qais. It’s not to show that it has failed to provide a good job.

It would be to show them a good example of a good leadership.


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