Security officials seek help of Khyber elders to locate militant hideouts . Security officials

Security officials seek help of Khyber elders to locate militant hideouts . Security officials

Police register FIRs against four over their speeches in Tirah peace rally . Jirga participants say being a soft target of militants they have lost the ability to handle critical situations after FataKP merger . Security officials say zero tolerance policy will be adopted against those found harbouring patronising or having any type of association with militants and terrorists in the region .

They called upon the participants of the jirga to help the security agencies in locating the hideouts and cells of terrorists for their complete eradication from the region. They reminded the security officials that the rapid deterioration of law and order in Khyber in particular and other tribal districts in general was an offshoot of the merger of tribal areas with KP .

The responsibility of restoration of peace and tackling the menace of militancy is handed over to the security forces they said during the jirs . Four persons were accused of allegedly making defamatory speeches during the July rally and raising objectionable slogans against the law enforcement agencies security forces and army.

Bara Siyasi Ittehad has strongly condemned the registration of FIRs as such tactics were meant to silence the voices of peace in the area . It said that local political leadership would not succumb to such pressures and would continue to continue to strive for the restoration of the peace in Tira and other parts of the region’Seyasi Itteshad.

Ittesah . Ittesha. Ittehed alleged that such tactics are meant to . It says that such Tactics were meant for such tactics. It has alleged that Such tactics were mean to silence such tactics to silence. It said the local political leaders would not continue to be meant to ignore such tactics and would.

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