Rains, flash floods cut off Balochistan from other areas . Floods cut

Rains, flash floods cut off Balochistan from other areas . Floods cut

Torrential rains and flash floods wreaked havoc in Balochistan on Tuesday as flash floods in several districts swept away roads cutting off road links of the province with other parts of the county . Six people have lost their lives in Awaran Khuzdar Qila Saifullah Zhob and other areas so far due to rains in the province .

Government officials said that Bolan and Nari rivers were carrying massive flood waters after heavy rains in Ziarat Duki Sanjavi Loralai and Barkhan the catchment areas of the two rivers . The main bridge at the Hub river which collapsed in the last years super flood has not been rebuilt so far despite the passage of over one year causing huge problems for the masses .

The traffic between Quetta and Sibi was suspended as the alternative road constructed to cross the Bolan river was swept away by raging waters of Bolan River on Tuesday . People have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel at highways linking the province to other areas of country .

The spillways of the dam would be opened if more water came into the dam was opened . The total capacity of the Hub dam is feet while the water level in the dam has reached feet. The local administration and officials concerned said they were monitoring the water levels around the clock adding that more water would come in the spillways would be open if more of the Dam would be released .

People are asked to be asked to . The Local Administration and officials said they are monitoring the . to avoid needless travel at the . area of the region. to avoid unnecessarily travel in the region of the district. People have also been asked . to be advised to avoid avoid unnecessary unnecessary travel.

The Local administration said they said they would be monitoring the Water .


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