SC reserves verdict on fresh plea for full court . Military trials of civilians: SC reserves

SC reserves verdict on fresh plea for full court . Military trials of civilians: SC reserves

A sixmember bench of the Supreme Court SC on Tuesday reserved its verdict on a fresh petition seeking the formation of a full court to hear pleas challenging the trial of civilians by military courts . The bench comprised Chief Justice of Pakistan CJP Umar Ata Bandial and Justice Ayesha A.

Malik . Earlier the apex court had rejected the federal governments plea to constitute a court for the case . A fresh application pertaining to the matter was moved yesterday by senior counsel Faisal Siddiqi on behalf of civil society members . The full court should include all judges willing and available for the adjudication on the fundamental and complex constitutional and legal questions it said .

During the hearing today the CJP discussed the plea with other petitioners in the case and then reserved the verdict on Siddiqis application . He said the bench would announce the verdict after discussion. Justice Bandial added that lawyers would be informed in case of a delay in the verdict .

The verdict will be announced tomorrow Wednesday morning, however a court associate later told reporters gathered outside the court that the reserved verdict would be announced Wednesday morning . The court associate said that the decision would be made after the verdict was announced tomorrow morning, but the decision was expected to be announced later this afternoon .

A report on suspects facing military trials had been submitted in the top court has been submitted by the top judge. A report about suspects facing suspects facing a report on military trials has also been submitted to the top of the court. The case.

The report. was submitted in a report. to be submitted by a report to the court’s summary. to the chief judge. The petition. to a report .


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