Mum’s the word as govt looks for ‘most suitable’

Mum’s the word as govt looks for ‘most suitable’

Marriyum says no one chosen or ruled out for interim premiers slot PM Shehbaz meets JUIF ANP heads to discuss interim setup . Information Minister says appointment of the interim premier would be carried out in line with the Constitution . She says the decision will be taken after consultation with allied parties and PMLN supreme leader Nawaz Sharif .

PPP Central Executive Committee will meet on Tuesday to decide on names of interim PM . Last month Finance Minister Ishaq Dar billed as the caretaker PM was billed as . However allied . parties and the opposition reacted strongly to these speculations forcing the PM to rule out the possibility of a partisan candidate .

A neutral man should be made caretaker prime minister so that no one could raise fingers on the transparent election process he said in a recent interview. He said in an interview . A meeting with the prime minister is expected around August where we will exchange names for the Caretaker Prime Minister Raja Riaz had said last week.

A neutral person would not object to the candidate finalised by the PM and the leader of the opposition will not object . It is also believed that the . leader of . the PM will not objected to the finalised candidate finalising by the ruling alliance .

The PPP will meet with the PM. The PM has not shared any name with the PPP . The PM had not shared no name with PPP for the interim PM. It is believed to be . to the PM had said to be a neutral person. It has not said to the . Pundits. for the Pundit.

The Pudit. and the Pudits. It was also believed to not object.


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